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Do you Need a Custom Mobile Salon App?

There are a number companies now selling mobile apps for a low monthly fee that can be customised to give you your very own salon app.

It sounds fantastic! It lets your clients book appointments on their phone and see their bookings – all with your branding. Wow! How great!

These types of custom salon apps have one major problem that’s rarely mentioned…

That problem is called “discoverability”.

Let’s wind it back a bit and explain from the beginning.

How an App Works

When you create an App it needs to be put somewhere where people can either buy it or download it for free from.

Right now an app needs to be installed on your phone from the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store.

If you’re already into Apps, then from your last visit to one of the App stores you’ll know just how many Apps there are. Hundreds of thousands, probably millions!

That means that only your regular clients are going to know the value of downloading and using your App. Assuming you’re pushing your clients to get the App.

If you’re hoping to get new clients because you’ve got an App, you might want to think again.

Let’s imagine that someone is searching for a health and beauty therapist because they need to make an appointment. Are they going to go to their App store for that, or is it more likely they’ll bring up trusty ol’ Google?

You guessed it. Google is where they’ll head first.

As cool and useful as your custom app is, it’s of little help because (lets face it) they haven’t heard about your business yet. How would they even know to search the App store?

Chances are the last place they’re going to look is the AppStore!

Salon App rocqup available in app stores now

rocqup – A Salon App with Discoverability (and more)

When we were “brainstorming” what to build into rocqup, we realised that just having an App was no good for a salon… because of the discoverability problem.

That’s what makes rocqup so very different to a regular salon app.

If you have a look in the App stores you’ll find rocqup there, but if you do a Google search you’ll also find us there too. And when I say us, I mean the salons who are signed-up and using rocqup. Here’s what we mean – Massage Therapists in Brighton, Victoria courtesy of rocqup.

Imagine… someone is looking for a hairdresser in your local area?

You’re there!

Someone is looking for a massage therapist nearby with an appointment slot for 3:00pm?

You’re there!

Even better, because rocqup is fully integrated with Google’s search engine your salon is getting even more discoverability than your website and Facebook can do alone. Now that’s a bonus!

So what’s the catch?

If you’ve checked you’ll see that getting the App is free, so you may think there’s something in the fine print… and there is.

This will only work if you list your salon with rocqup.

When you do sign-up to list your salon, we’ll even include free software App to manage the business side of your salon.