Tips for Starting Your Own Nail Salon

Getting Started With Your Nail Salon

With increasing demand for nail art, there are more and more young talented nail technicians branching out with their own nail salon. It’s a great way to make a name for yourself, but there are pitfalls.

Setting up on your own is super exciting. On the way there are a few things you’ll want to avoid if you want to get ahead quickly with your own nail salon.

8 Things You Must Absolutely Avoid When Starting Your Nail Salon

  1. Being in a hurry to hire nail technicians and paying them too much
  2. Hiring manicurists or nail artists without trying them out first
  3. Ignoring the suggestions or requests of your employees, or even worse from your customers
  4. Running out of budget to get great, obvious salon signage
  5. Having business processes so that you make a profit in your salon
  6. Forgetting to get a listing in telephone directories ( and website directories (
  7. Wasting money on expensive magazine advertising without trying other cheaper forms of marketing first
  8. Insisting on doing everything with account books and posted mail because you “hate computers”

Modern nail salons simply run better with computers on board. You’ll need the efficiencies and processes that technology gives you to be profitable.

If you get comfortable with computers, you’ll be able to get your list of clients into a database or salon software app, making it easy to do mass mailing promotional specials and even cross promote your services. That way if you have clients who only get a manicure, then when springtime comes around, you can promote getting a pedicure to those people.

While we’re talking about computers and running a successful nail salon, one of the major ways computers & software help is with your appointment bookings.

At first you’ll need to spend money on advertising and marketing to attract clients. Eventually as you build up your list of clients, you’ll need to use software for managing and filling your appointment book. Something like rocqup makes the whole process easier – especially when you can create a free account.