Top 5 Marketing Resolutions Every Salon Owner Should Make in 2016

Top 5 Salon Marketing Resolutions Every Salon Owner Should Make in 2016

There is no better time than a New Year to stop, reflect on your business. Set yourself some fresh goals and salon marketing resolutions.

Here are the top five salon marketing resolutions every salon owner should make to help build greater client relationships in 2016.

Resolution #1: Get To Know Your Clients

How well do you know your clients? Apart from their name and their preferred treatments, what else do you know about them?

Every good marketing campaign should start with a clear understanding of whom the campaign is aimed at. Use the slower New Year period to really get to know current and potential clients. Include information on average age, where they live and how they like to receive their information.

Capture the data on their client cards. Then refer to it every time you develop special offers and other salon marketing messages.

Resolution #2: Establish your salon’s image

Creating a salon marketing campaign will be fruitless if the client experience is not how it should be. Your personal, professional and salon image must complement the marketing offer.

Set yourself some ground rules based on image and customer experience that could include:

  • Greeting your customers by name – getting everyone in your salon to remember names of clients makes your salon friendly for everyone
  • Remembering specific personal information – for example their skin type, any sensitivities, etc
  • Ensure your salon is clean and well presented – people really do judge a book by its cover, so “mystery shop” your own salon
  • Tailoring your hours around your clients – if many work business hours, offer early morning or after hours appointments to be of greater service

Resolution #3: Embrace Digital Marketing for your Salon

If you’ve not yet embraced digital marketing, then now is a good time to start.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte’s – how consumers get their information has changed with the Internet. It is set to become our preferred source of entertainment and buying research.

With more than half of Australians using multiple devices at the same time (an increase from 28% last year). It is a fair assumption that your clients are online and looking for information right now.

Following are some digital marketing ideas to get you started for your salon:

  • Emails

    Sending regular emails is a simple and cost-effective method of communicating with clients and potential clients. Make sure you capture clients’ email addresses when they come in for an appointment or add an email signup to your website. When your salon is signed up and using rocqup for business, you get access to a professional email reminder system instantly.

  • Text Messages

    Sending the occasional text message to your clients can lead to an increase in bookings. But they don’t have to be limited to appointment reminders only.

    Consider a follow up text message a few days after a client visits. Enquire about their skin/hair/nails/tan/etc and ask if there is anything further you can help them with.

  • Social Media

    Don’t ignore the power of social media especially the imaged based sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

    Social Media for you Salon Marketing resolutions

  • Daily Deals

    Take advantage of the nation’s obsession with group buying and consider offering your own Daily Deal. You never know, clients may tune in just in case you have a deal that meets their needs.

  • Last Minute Deals

    Consider offering potential clients a chance to vie for cancelled bookings by posting newly available appointments on your social media accounts.

Resolution #4: Personalise your salon marketing

With client cards holding more information than ever before, there is no excuse not to personalise your salon marketing efforts.

Consider sending tailored promotions to those who, for example, sporadically visit for laser treatments or when you need to move excess hydrating cream by sending a message to dry-skinned clients only.

Simple things like remembering someone’s birthday will also go a long way to making them feel special.

Resolution #5: Build a library of timely and relevant information

Start to build a library of good quality information, so if you ever want to send a marketing message – whether by text, email or social media – there is always be something for you to choose from.

Your library can include everything from blogs with beauty advice to tips of the day and how to copy a celebrity’s latest new look.

The key is to engage your client with information is to give them things that they’ll enjoy and is relevant to them. The quickest way to turn them away is to use digital marketing to only self-promote. Offer useful information, build your reputation as a salon that truly looks after its clients and the word will spread quickly.

Any other suggestions and ideas for salon marketing resolutions? Please send them in to us, or add them to the comments area to share with others.