Who can use rocqup?

rocqup aims to create a marketplace for health and beauty service providers and consumers (Marketplace users). Typical service providers include small businesses or soletraders in the health and beauty sector who want to create a new sales and marketing channel harnessing web, mobile and social media. A rocqup consumer is anyone who wants to pamper themselves by booking a health or beauty session and who enjoys the flexibility of instant booking 24/7.

Why can’t I book for some services?

Some businesses, although listed with rocqup, may not have registered or completed their verification process. In this case, the service provider details will be listed, but instant booking will not be available. The same will apply for a service provider who has run out of rocqup credit and has not opted in for auto credit top-up option. If it’s one of your favourite salons, ask them to sign up!

Why is the calendar showing that I am not working on a particular day when I have configured my hours to be working at that time?

Check that you have configured all the hours in 24-hour time. If you have entered 06:30 for example for 6:30PM, you will need to change the time to 18:30. Change all times to 24-hour time and then check the calendar again

I accidentally added an additional Site – how can I delete it?

We’ve had a few ‘whoops’ moments where Providers have accidentally deleted their site, subsequently deleting all their services and options. As this is a significant step in the process, we’re happy to do this for you. Please email us if you have accidentally entered an additional site and would like to have it removed.



How much does it cost to use rocqup?

Consumers (Marketplace users) can use rocqup to search for services, register an account and make bookings with instant confirmation without incurring any transaction fee from rocqup.

For health and beauty service providers, rocqup application can be used to manage their bookings for free. Service providers will only be charged a transaction fee of 7% (inc. GST) for any booking placed through rocqup marketplace by the consumer.

You can learn more about the rocqup salon management software and provider fees here.

Are there any other fees I could be charged?

There is no hidden fee to rocqup. The 7% commission fee includes SMS reminder. For bookings made directly, rocqup does not charge commission but will charge a 15 cents fee for sending SMS if SMS reminder is opted in when the booking is made.

Does rocqup pricing include GST?

Our standard Australian pricing includes 10% GST

Can I setup recurring auto top up?

Yes. You can opt in for this option in your settings. When you opt in for auto top-up, rocqup will automatically credit the preselected amount from your account  when your balance is below a set threshold



Does rocqup booking integrate to my calendar?

Yes. When a booking is made, both provider and consumer will receive an email with appointment details attached (.ics file). This is a standard format that can be imported into any calendar like outlook, google calendar, etc. Marketplace app also integrates into your device calendar and as booking is made, the appointment is also automatically added to the calendar on your phone or tablet so you will also get automatic reminders.

As a health or beauty service provider, can I integrate rocqup into my existing webpage?

Yes, very easily. rocqup offer multiple options for this. Follow this link for instructions

As a service provider, can I integrate rocqup to my facebook page?

Yes. See this link for instructions and demo

As a service provider, how do I send marketing emails to all my customers?

rocqup allows you to export your full contact list into CSV (comma separated) file. You can then use software/service of your choice such as MailChimp to run your email marketing campaigns. rocqup also has auto-pilot marketing feature which automatic send follow up email on periodically basis (as configured by you) to your customers to remind them to book for your service again.

As a service provider, how do I gain insight about my business performance?

rocqup has several built in reports that help you gain insight about your past and future bookings & revenues. Apart from the standard report, rocqup also allows you to export booking activities for the last 12 months to a CSV (comma separated) file that you can then open in Excel or other analysis tools of your choice to perform further analysis. To see a list of all of the health and beauty service provider features, click here.