2018 Beauty & Fashion Trends: The Weird, Wonderful and Wacky


Goodbye micro braids, glitter lips and greenery! Hello fringes, lip tints and Ultra Violet – we’ve been eager and impatient to see you fill the streets everywhere, from New York, to Paris and Melbourne. Fashion and beauty have come a long way for such a brief leap into the future, as can be seen with these much anticipated trends for 2018.

This will be an exciting year of long lashes, all things sheer, and beach waves getting an upgrade. For the fashionistas who love to stay in the know of the latest beauty innovations about to rock our world in coming months, here are the rest of the predicted trends…

Bright & Bold Palettes

As soon as we saw Marc Jacobs’ collection for spring, it was apparent that 2018 will be a fun and vibrant year, and that the Melbourne-dwellers among us who love to get out of blacks, greys and pastels, savour every moment that comes. Orange, sunny yellow, pink, emerald and red will steal the spotlight in every aspect of your wardrobe.

The same goes for your beauty kit, because you can now flaunt your orange lipstick, rainbow eyeshadow mixes and unusual tones of pink for your cheeks as much as you please. And don’t you dare skip on Ultra Violet (at least with accessories), because no matter how challenging this shade may be, there’s no escaping it!

2018 beauty trends colourful clothes

Plastic Fantastic

We’ve seen it in bits and traces in 2017, but this strange and quirky trend will only soar in the following months. This is the sheer trend taken to a whole new level of imagination, where the transparency of plastic is used in making some of the most eccentric and extraordinary accessories out there – from see-through bags and shoes, to chokers and jackets.

If you’re having second thoughts about investing in a plastic wardrobe number, think again. It can make things much more practical, since plastic raincoats and jackets will keep you dry during those rainy Melbourne nights, no umbrella required! 

2018 beauty trends plastic fashion

Eco-Friendly Denim

You know those old-school, washed-out jeans that are worn from one decade to another and seem to never lose their charm, growing in popularity with each generation? Well, the timeless beauty of denim has just got a little greener, with many brands rushing to introduce sustainable lines of denim products, from recycling, repurposing, to eco-friendly dyes and organic cotton.

Even names such as H&M are taking a stand against the currents of fast fashion, so more consumers will have access to jeans that are made with Earth in mind. Think: high-waisted, flared jeans, ripped, vintage-inspired cuts, all of which are a dream-come-true for 2018.

2018 beauty trends eco-denim

Digitised Beauty

The whole world has gone digital, hence the need to simplify our beauty efforts with the help of modern apps and online marketplaces like rocqup, giving you instant access to the best available health and beauty options out there. That means you’ll be only a few clicks (or taps) away from your favourite mani-pedi appointment or a relaxing massage.

There are similar apps revolutionising their local beauty and fashion scenes, such as the Beauty & Wellness Booking App helping Hong Kong residents find the right beauty service most suitable in terms of affordability, location and quality. Thanks to health and beauty booking technology like these, the industry is becoming much more honest and transparent for both customers and beauty providers alike. 

2018 beauty trends booking apps


Minimalism just got interesting, with several key beauty products becoming multi-purpose, allowing you to free up some space in your bathroom cabinets without depriving yourself of all the style tricks you love so much.

There are ranges of three-step skincare products that let you cleanse, scrub and tone all in a single go, multi-functional tints used for lips, cheeks and eyelids, as well as liquid soaps that double as shampoo and body wash… No more queues for the bathroom! 

2018 beauty trends

Make a Statement with 2018 Beauty Trends

Although some would say that this year’s preference for audacious shades will speak louder than any words, there’s still a growing trend for introducing slogans, logos and prints to your wears. In fact, since “athleisure” is still a staple of street style, you’ll have a chance to see many brands kick off the season with elevated pieces still sporting logos and quotes.

It’s not just the tees that will be logo-infested this year, but all your favourite accessories as well, and that means giving a whole new layer of meaning to your statement earrings, too. Bags, nails and eyewear will be the other top candidates, but if you do want to express your brand loyalty, you can spell it out just about any way you please!

2018 beauty trends


miat-taylor 2018 beauty trendsArticle by Mia Taylor: is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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