The Quick-Fix Morning Makeup Routine


Simplicity – elusive, seemingly impossible to achieve in today’s world and oh so needed in the everyday hustle and bustle of reaching for the stars. But a girl needs to look her best even in the most pressing of times, and a touch of makeup in your skincare routine can give you that little extra boost. 

BEGINNER’S TIP: Spare the trial and error of finding the right products for your skin type and choose vegan makeup you can trust, in order to prevent irritation. Without further ado, meet your favourite morning makeup routine that will simplify your morning life, while still looking effortlessly chic!

morning makeup routine

Start Strong – Choose the Right Foundation

The first and most important step in achieving a balanced, even skin texture and radiant complexion is choosing a foundation that boasts a list of ingredients that highlight your natural beauty and maintain its health.

There are many reliable organic foundation brands out there, such as Aussie brand Inika, containing aloe vera, argan, rosehip oils and antioxidants, and it’s perfectly light on your skin.

Think of it as your day-long moisturiser that will protect your skin from environmental influences and keep you looking fresh.

Reach for the Blush

Rosy cheeks are always in fashion, and giving your face a perky flush will help you maintain that healthy, pink complexion with little effort. You can go for a multi-purpose product such as 100% pure lip and cheek tint with various shades of subtle pinks based on grapefruit and the more “wow” glimmering hues of strawberry.

The best part is, they truly use these exact ingredients as the source of their colours, so the name will tell you exactly what you’re buying! And what could possibly be better for your tan than using fruit-based shades to enrich your skin with antioxidants?

morning makeup routine makeup products

All eyes on you

A touch here and a smidgen there, and your entire face will pop with just a few moments of careful makeup selection. We’re talkin’ a simple eyeliner that will persist through a rainy day, and a swift swoosh of organic Gabriel Cosmetics mascara to enhance your natural lash curves.

The fact that you’re choosing to stick to a natural ingredient list ensures you can endure even the longest of days without aggravating or irritating your delicate eye area, but remember to use a natural eye makeup remover to cleanse the area before bed. 

morning makeup routine natural gabriel mascara

Plump & Pucker

We know it all too well, it’s hard to find that one balmy lipstick that doesn’t give you chapped lips, or evaporate into thin air before you’ve even finished applying. It’s the one that offers a soft rosy bloom throughout the day, but can also be used when you’re getting ready for a night on the town.

Entirely non-synthetic, long lasting and juicy – is it even possible to have it all? With Luk BeautiFood’s collection of lip goodness, it most certainly is.

morning makeup routine natural lip products

It will become your beauty routine’s crown jewel, and not merely due to its irresistible shade or cocoa butter creamy base, but because it’s so versatile you can wear it to coffee with the ladies, or dinner with the beau!

And Voila, Morning Makeup Routine Complete!

You have the ideal, fuss-free makeup routine done in no more than merely five minutes that will help you start your day with a confidence kick and an easily refreshed look with the occasional sneak in your purse mirror and a dab of your fave shade.

Samantha-Braddy-highstyle-life-writer-rocqup-contributorArticle by Samantha Braddy: beauty writer at High Style Life magazine. Samantha is a literature graduate from Sydney and has an unhealthy adoration for writing, makeup, beauty and health, so she combined her passions to write about them.

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