The Outdated Makeup Trends Making You Look Older Than You Really Are

Makeup can do magical things. It adds dramatic effect for a night out, helps us look fresh the next morning, and disguises imperfections like wrinkles, pimples and skin spots. But unfortunately, outdated makeup trends can have the opposite effect, making us look older and drawing attention to the things we’d rather hide. 

Let’s start, for example, with foundation. Most people don’t pay enough attention to colour matching, causing the tone of their foundation to clash with their natural skin hue. Others make the mistake of caking on concealer, when it should be used as the name suggests – to conceal imperfections, rather than plaster the entire surface of the face. 

So what can you do to avoid these outdated trends? This graphic explains the common makeup mistakes people make and how to correct them with timeless techniques for a flawless, more youthful complexion. 

outdated makeup trends

Infographic courtesy of Health Perch.