Fitness Christmas Gifts That Won’t End Up on Ebay For Resale


Christmas is just around the corner, and for those that observe good old fashioned Aussie tradition, this means a festive season of overindulgence and inactivity. It’s the one day of the year even the fitness freaks let loose and forget about calorie counting and portion control.

But soon after the bubbles and rum balls subside, New Years resolutions set in. Help your friends and family reach their fitness goals next year by investing in fitness Christmas gifts this year that won’t end up for resale on eBay:

~ For Her ~

Training Tops

Shorts and tights can be hard to buy for someone else. Some like it tight and bright, while others prefer loose and neutral.

Training tops are an easier option, and with the rise of ‘activewear’ for everyday activities, they’re a versatile addition to any wardrobe for, well… any activity… really.

If, like me, you turn the house inside-out searching for training tops, only to discover your girlfriend has taken a liking to your singlets, this is the perfect gift for your active partner and ensures there’ll always be a fresh training top in the cupboard for you.

Victoria Sport (Victoria’s Secrets’ fitter sister) has a sassy range of women’s training tops to parade from the gym to the coffee shop and everywhere in between.

fitness christmas gifts training tops for women

Yoga Mats

Just about every woman with an interest in fitness will try Yoga or Pilates at some point in their wellbeing journey. Send them off to class in style with their very own custom-made Yoga mat.

Etsy artisans will blow your mind with their unique and colourful personalised yoga mats. You can even purchase an Etsy gift card so the lucky recipient can create their own design.

Disrupt Yoga also offers gift cards and allows users to choose from one of their artist’s designs, or upload their own, complete with their name or personal message.

fitness christmas gifts customised yoga mats

Fitness Headbands

Having long hair myself, I know the challenges this poses for an intense workout… It can end up in your mouth, under your armpits, wrapped around your neck and all over the place if you’re not careful – even caught in machine cables!

Help long-haired friends keep their tresses tamed with Etsy’s range of both stylish and practical handmade fitness headbands.

fitness christmas gifts etsy headbands

Aussie-inspired brand Bondi Band also have a wide range of non-slip, no-drip fitness headbands that can be worn on their own or under hats, helmets and visors. They’re made from stretchy, breathable material and will fit virtually any head size or shape.

fitness christmas gifts bondi headbands

~ For Him ~

Gym Bags for Gents

Energy drinks, gym gloves, sweat towel, earphones, wrist straps and protein snacks… The one place men actually need a bag for essential gym accessories is the gym.

Underarmour’s range of fitness bags and backpacks are designed for gym junky men more concerned with practicality than pretense. While great for the gym, these all-purpose bags and backpacks also double as cabin-sized carry on luggage and are perfect for camping and outdoors activity.

For something a little more discerning, checkout AskMen’s Best Gym Bags for Men.

fitness christmas gifts mens gym bags

Compression Tops

Compression gear is designed to aid recovery and also performance. Its snug fit means the body can move freely with no restrictions, and as it becomes more popular, brands are being forced to diversify colours and designs.

For the brother, hubby or boyfriend with an overinflated ego, Underarmour’s Batman or Iron Man Alter-Ego Compression Tops will be a fitness Christmas gift hit that might even mask the post-Chrissie beer gut!

fitness christmas gifts for him compression tights

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are hitting gym floors all over the world. They work by wrapping around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and exercise machine handles to increase the bar’s diameter, which results in maximum muscle fibre activation.

If the recipient needs some convincing, sit them down to watch of this guy’s arm workout…

~ Christmas Fitness Gifts for Everyone ~

Training Shoes

Every fitness fiend loves new shoes! After wearing heals, dress shoes or boots at work all day they’ll want a shoe with loads of cushioning for training.

Simple and light shoes have exploded over the last few years and eastbay have a great selection of brands online (everything from wrestling and running to LeBrons and Jordans) for seven to 24-year-old athletes on and off the field.

Be sure to check delivery times leading up to Christmas as most stock ships from the USA.

For a quicker fix (but limited range), search The Iconic for sneakers. Not only do they have a free 30-day returns policy, but you can also pay off your Christmas purchase interest-free in four instalments using Afterpay.

fitness christmas gifts sneakers

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great to use before and after training sessions. They help the muscles recover faster and give users access to deep tissue massage, anytime and anywhere.

Rebel Sport have a great selection of foam rollers starting around $30. Target and Kmart offer a cheaper variety for first-time rollers who don’t need all the bells, whistles and brand names.

fitness christmas gifts foam rollers rebel sportsfitness christmas gifts foam rollers rebel sportsfitness christmas gifts foam rollers rebel sports

Fitness Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving

Looking for something a little more personal this year? Enquire about PT packages and outdoor group fitness classes in Melbourne for the fitness Christmas gift to help friends and family kickstart their New Year’s resolutions.

Get in touch with me here for locations and costs.


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